About us

We Grow Ideas is an alternative funding platform based on crowdfunding mechanisms. You can get here the financial support you need in order to bring an idea with social impact to life.

The platform is the place where strong communities of supporters are built around creative solutions. What sets us apart is the desire to respond to collective social needs through the innovative projects we promote. We aim to connect people and ideas for social transformation.

In the long run, we want We Grow Ideas to become an open space, where the members of the platform constantly support each other and build strong relationships based on trust, mutual respect and transparency.

We Grow Ideas is the place where people with innovative projects gain support, validation and the courage they need for making a positive change in their communities.

Our mission

We Grow Ideas promotes alternative funding as support for ideas with a positive social and economic impact. We want to build a community where innovative projects find their supporters in order to make the world a better place.

Our values


We create a transparent framework in which ideas and supporters are treated with respect.


We believe we can transform the world by connecting people and ideas.


We support sustainable solutions that innovate and respond creatively to social challenges.


We encourage the experimentation of ideas with potential to grow in an organized environment.

The mechanism of the platform

You can run a campaign on We Grow Ideas only if you are a legal entity.

The platform works according to the principle: ALL or NOTHING.

What does it mean?

If the campaign has reached its funding goal, i.e. the entire amount needed to implement the project has been collected, the idea will be funded and the initiator will be able to bring it to life.If the campaign has not reached its funding goal, we will return the full amount to the supporters and the campaign initiator will not benefit from it.

We Grow Ideas is the place where you:

  • 01

    Get funding for your project idea.

  • 02

    Build a network of supporters around your campaign.

  • 03

    Grow the community through creative ideas with positive social impact.

  • 04

    Turn the world into a better place.