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We built We Grow Ideas as a platform for the most innovative ideas with social impact. Ideas do not grow without people. This is the place where you can support them and make a positive change. We truly believe that together we can find the project that will inspire you!

Our alternative funding mechanism allows you to become a backer regardless of whether you are a natural or a legal person. We invite you to join the community and discover the active campaigns you can support on the platform!

How do I support a project?

It’s easier than you think, just follow the steps below.
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    Create your user account with the following information: first name, last name, email address and password.

    Don't forget to read the platform Terms and Conditions and the Personal Data Protection Policy.
    Once you have created your account, you would just need to log in the next time.
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    Confirm your account registration from your email address.

  • 03

    Return to our site and click on the "Active Campaigns" button.

  • 04

    Select one or more campaigns you want to support.

    Find out more about the idea by reading the project description and watching the pitching video. Get to know the team behind it!
  • 05

    Choose the amount you want to support the project with.

    Check out the rewards you receive for your contribution!
  • 06

    Make the payment through the page you are directed to.

    You will be able to view the payment details in your account.
    We work with the Stripe payment processor. Please read their terms and conditions here.
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    Please check the payment confirmation email.

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    And… that’s all, you became part of the community!

    Now we are growing together the ideas that change the world!

Another important thing to know is that...

If the campaign has reached its funding goal, we will send you a confirmation email. You will receive your reward, in accordance with what the campaign initiator established, only if the entire amount was raised. 


If the campaign has not reached its funding goal, we will inform you via an email. We will refund your full payment amount as soon as possible to the account you initially used to make the payment.