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See behind the design.

Human-Made products.

We use design as a method of solving personal and social problems.

Cluj Napoca, Cluj, Romania
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Giving back to the community!

Our aim is to create a space where vulnerable people can reinvent themselves by using one of our natural characteristics: creativity.

We are designers, and what we offer is a real way of life – the life of designers working with people who are difficult to hire or who are in vulnerable situations. We teach them and help them acquire different skills in various fields of design in order to create a community of entrepreneurs and people with new skills who will collaborate in the future.



We created MANUFACTURA as a meeting space for creativity and growth, for a better and more valuable lifestyle and for understanding the values we believe in.

Our vision is to build a platform for matching needs and selling co-created design products. But until then, we are trying to grow the community of Manufactura.



We have two real needs that are meeting in the middle – the need of vulnerable people to be part of a community where they as individuals and also their work matter; and the need for entrepreneurs to grow their businesses and to have a social impact.



What will you support?

We will fund the next edition of Manufactura, so that we can grow the community of entrepreneurs and people who are learning new skills, and then build a platform to match their needs, with the purpose to grow together.

Now, we are looking for people who are interested in the evolution of societies and who want to invest money in somehing sustainable.

Our kind of people have a wider understanding of consumerism and how are things going with mass production behind the big industries.

Our message is that you are supporting a reinventing story of someone; you will wear a manifesto for creativity, a compliment of utility and simplicity.


Design life differently.
Donate now.



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June, 2022
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September, 2022
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One custom design product from one of the brands involved in the project.
September, 2022
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500  or more
A workshop with 2 friends at one of the brands enrolled in the program.
October, 2022
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