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The social business “Spread only love” is backed by NEOS Association and aims to employ people at risk of discrimination in Romania in an online store with erotic items, and all the profits are redistributed to sex education programs for young people.

We believe SEX should not be a taboo subject, and a sex positive attitude will increase our quality of life.

NEOS Association is created by a team of social workers, psychologists, psych-sexologists, and non-formal trainers, who offer personal development services to young people from vulnerable groups.

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We want to set up an online shop selling erotic items,

and all the profits will be reinvested in sex education programs for young people.

A new sustainable service will be developed through our social business, which will constantly fund sex education projects, both for our association and for other associations with experience on this topic.

Our professionals (social workers & psychotherapists) will carry out 1 national online campaign about STIs (Sexually transmitted infections). Also 20 workshops will be carried out in 10 schools, where we are going to teach 200 young persons (14-18 years old) about a healthy sex life, the correct use of condoms, what consent means, how sexually transmitted infections can be prevented, etc.

The campaigns and workshops will take place in underdeveloped neighborhood schools from 4 cities in Romania, and we need money for a first stock of products to resell them and make these workshops happen in Bucharest, Constanța, Tulcea and Craiova.

As a social business we want to become a model of good practice in sustainability of financing sex education programmes.

All the profits earned will be reinvested in the materials needed for workshops such as: leaflets, informative toolkits, condoms, and hiring one person who is at risk of discrimination (LGBT people, Roma people, people with HIV/AIDS) for administrative tasks.

With the money raised from your help we are going to set up a site for our social business where we can sell the products, we can buy the first stock of products, ensure we have shipping fees for our first customers, and invest in marketing strategies so our business can flourish.

Currently there is no such social business in Romania, and we can reinvest the money of people who are comfortable with their sexuality, in educating young people about their sexuality. This will result in less young people who are at risk of sexual transmitted infections, less unwanted pregnancies, less cervical cancer and in the end more people happy and comfortable with their sex life.

Over time, with the expansion of our social business, we want to employ more people who are at risk of discrimination in Romania (LGBT people, Roma people, people with HIV/AIDS), who often have difficulties in the job market due to stigma, in order to have a safe and stigma-free workplace.

The Romanian state does not offer sex education in schools, young people learn about sex from other young people and/or online. This results in a high incidence of sexually transmitted infections, unwanted pregnancies, and unhealthy sex life choices. Through the programs we are going to offer, we want to reduce this.

Ok, but what do you have to gain from this? All, in all, besides the pride of having shown solidarity with a cause that is growing more and more notable all over the world, you will have participated in a pioneering movement which, albeit possibly scandalous, might just have a real impact upon the outdated, restrictive and, after all, dangerous current view of sex.

Support us to be able to fight together against the myths and stigma associated with sex life!


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