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EIS – Educam Immersive Studio is a creative and innovative company, unique in Romania, which creates immersive experiences and applications using the latest technological solutions. EIS is the intersection of imaging, animation and custom 3D experiences with strategic thinking that helps to deliver cutting-edge solutions and revolutionary experiences with applicability in many industries, from production and healthcare up to education and retail.

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Start-up EIS (Educam Immersive Studio) is an interactive digital center in Targu Mures, Romania.

We, the EIS team, believe in a future where AI, IoT, AR and VR forces come together and converge to generate a new kind of human-computer interaction. We create applications for educational, medical and industrial use and use the EIS concept studio for technology events, games and multimedia programs.

Anxiety disorders and associated psychological disturbances are among the most common mental health problems today. Studies indicate that the lifetime prevalence of specific phobias worldwide ranges from 3% to 15%, affecting up to 1.1 billion people, and among these, fear of heights and claustrophobia are the most common.

Many people, following their personal experiences or those of their loved ones in the recent Covid-19 pandemic, have entered the area of anxiety disorders and adjustment to a new reality. Psychiatrist Steven Taylor recently stated that pandemics are not just “events in which an infectious virus spreads around the world. Pandemics are events in which people’s psychological reactions to infection play a key role in the spread and containment of disease, and influence the extent of emotional distress and social problems”.  Current economic conditions, day-to-day stress, war at Europe’s borders make managing emotions increasingly difficult.

We, the EIS team, want to create multilingual virtual reality and augmented reality applications to provide affected individuals as well as mental health therapists with real help to support them in their struggle with crippling emotions and/or psychological stress induced by various emotional triggers.

To achieve this goal, we will partner with dedicated medical centers as well as therapists or mental health specialists. The current needs to bring the project to fruition are to purchase two HoloLens 2 Industrial Edition (, equipment designed and tested to withstand regulated environments such as clean rooms and hazardous locations.

By asking for your support, EIS will be able to make a difference in the quality of life of many emotionally affected people.

With your support, we will be able to change the quality of life for the better for those who are emotionally affected. Every euro donated to support the EIS projects in this campaign will make a difference on the hard road to regaining a fulfilled life. 

With your contribution, you can become the one to help your friends or family discover a future without fear!

Donate and help those who need to regain a balanced life without fears, traumas or phobias! Donate to a future where anything is possible, even managing emotions through VR technology!



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