How to pitch a Social Business Idea

How to pitch a Social Business Idea

In a world in which attention is the most expensive commodity, we need to step up our game as social business entrepreneurs. Pitching our business idea with style, humanity and efficiency is key and will be instrumental to your success.

The speaker of this webinar Alex Glod will help you craft an effective pitch that you can use both in 1-on-1 meetings and on a live stage. By the end of the webinar, you will learn about:

  • What to avoid when crafting a business pitch;
  • How to inspire curiosity in the first seconds of your pitch;
  • How to build the pitch using a tested formula;
  • How to increase the chances for your pitch to lead to clear business results.

Alex Glod is a Storyteller, TEDx Speaker & Online Instructor.
For over 8 years, Alex has been working with leaders, marketers and professionals from the corporate and NGO sector to help them tell their stories with impact, to connect with their audiences, and to provide them with a memorable experience. He is an expert in Storytelling applied in Public Speaking, Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Leadership.
Alex is recognized for his personal stories, very human and expressive style, but especially for how he can explain complex notions in allegories and simple and easy to understand metaphors. He has been 3 times on a TEDx stage at TEDx University of Piraeus 2015, TEDx Bacau 2015 & TEDx Calea Domneasca 2018 and has taught over 38.000 students on Udemy.

Moderator: Paula Beudean, Head of Programmes and Research of Fundația Danis (Romania).