Human-centered training design for trainers

Human-centered training design for trainers


This training design is intended to be used by trainers/ facilitators of nonprofit organizations or other types of organizations interested in developing, supporting, or promoting the creation of incubators for social businesses and social entrepreneurs. This open educational resource helps to acquire/ develop knowledge and skills to work with adults who want to become entrepreneurs and start businesses with strong social impact.


The curriculum includes relevant theory and workshop plans on topics that will help your organization’s trainers/ facilitators to:

  • Acquire relevant knowledge and skills about social entrepreneurship and social business incubation models developed within the SELC project;
  • Gain knowledge and experience in starting a social business incubator program by learning the necessary steps of creating such a program and explore successful examples of such incubators from Europe;
  • Acquire information and hands-on experience in using the human-centered design approach in supporting adults from their communities to explore, define, create, prototype, and implement social business initiatives.


The curriculum is structured on three key chapters and is laid on the basis of the other outputs of the SELC project:

1. Social entrepreneurship and social business incubation models in Romania, Cyprus, and Italy.

2. SELC Integrated Model of Social Business Incubation.

3. Human-centered design method in facilitating training courses for social entrepreneurs.

Each of these chapters includes workshop plans to develop specific knowledge and skills, as described above. Then, every workshop plan provides the following information that supports you, the facilitator, in preparing and organizing the learning experiences: Learning objectives, Materials needed, Estimated time, and Workshop steps.