Social business ideas – Your source of inspiration (1)

Social business ideas – Your source of inspiration (1)

Published on: 2022/05/09


This is a collection of social business ideas that came up during the past few months, while working with new and wannabe social entrepreneurs from Romania, Cyprus and Italy.

It was a pleasure to offer guidance in developing/ improving such ideas and transforming them into viable business plans during our training sessions in January and March 2022. And there is no doubt that these can become a valuable source of inspiration for those interested in social economy!

This is why we decided to make these ideas accessible to the public. However, in order to keep a certain level of confidentiality, the initials of the participants are mentioned only. And, since all along the way we insisted on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the United Nations, we indicate them as well.

Enjoy the variety of actions that one can take

to bring a positive change in the surrounding communities!

  • Entrepreneur: M.K.

Good health and well-being

The social entrepreneur would like to address certain mental health issues that stand as an obstacle to professional output effectiveness. She aims to produce a self-coaching program that will support the dissolution of cognitive dissonance and maximize productivity, along with a board game, several e-books, and other online learning materials.

  • Entrepreneur: C.E & K.S.

Reduced Inequalities

The idea belongs to a team of social entrepreneurs who created an organization that provides humanitarian assistance to marginalized and vulnerable communities. The groups of beneficiaries are the elderly, people with mental health issues, addicts, and poor families. The organization will partly rely on funding and sponsorships, and partly on funds gained through event organization and merchandized products.

  • Entrepreneur: P.P.

Industry, innovation and infrastructure 

This is a business-to-business enterprise, which utilizes viral video creation to support other social businesses in sharing their services or products. The storytelling expertise of the entrepreneur, as well as his knowledge about global trends, add value to the final video products which will support other social businesses in their making.

  • Entrepreneur: A.S.

Responsible consumption and production 

The entrepreneur has established a social enterprise that offers a variety of clothes based on Conscious Design and Ethical Trade. The enterprise organizes various annual events that are now known to the public of Cyprus and participates in many local festivals. The products are created based on the principle of re-use, in order to promote slow fashion and circular economy; they are sold either 1st hand (deadstock clothes), 2nd hand (vintage selective items), or 3rd hand (upcycle and redesigned textile garments). 

  • Entrepreneur: D.D.

Decent work and economic growth

The entrepreneur’s idea is to form a network of women entrepreneurs from a specific rural region. The business will be based on the resources of the area, such as agricultural products and crafts. The mission is to sustain and empower the women of rural areas and help them increase the income by developing small start-ups for women. The network will provide training, consultancy, teamwork activities, promotion and events organization.