Social business ideas – Your source of inspiration (2)

Social business ideas – Your source of inspiration (2)

Published on: 2022/05/16


This is a collection of social business ideas that came up during the past few months, while working with new and wannabe social entrepreneurs from Romania, Cyprus and Italy.

It was a pleasure to offer guidance in developing/ improving such ideas and transform them into viable business plans during our training sessions in January and March 2022. And there is no doubt that these can become a valuable source of inspiration for those interested in social economy!

This is why we decided to make these ideas accessible to the public. However, in order to keep a certain level of confidentiality, the initials of the participants are mentioned only. And, since all along the way we insisted on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the United Nations, we indicate them as well.

Enjoy the variety of actions that one can take

to bring a positive change in the surrounding communities!

  • Entrepreneur: V.P.

Reduced Inequalities

The social business idea of this entrepreneur emerged as a response to the Covid-19 pandemic and the impact it had on the arts. As the sector has been severely affected, elderly artists have been left excluded and marginalized from any sort of social benefit. The entrepreneur came up with the idea of creating a space for for retired artists, that will provide housing and working spaces at an affordable price. The space will hold exhibitions, workshops, and events in an attempt to provide support, connection, and visibility to retired elderly artists. 

  • Entrepreneur: C.M

Good Health and well-being; Reduced Inequalities

This will be the first user- and eco-friendly gym in Cyprus that offers the physically and mentally vulnerable private care (home services), as well as access to the gym facility. The business is designed as a community rehabilitation service for those who cannot access services after an injury. The entrepreneur will partner up and offer her services to existing NGOs that deal with the same target group.

  • Entrepreneur: M.D. 

Quality education

The entrepreneur has already established a private research and development company along with a music school where she offers music classes to children of all ages. The music school implements various European projects and holds workshops, seminars, and conferences for primary school teachers in collaboration with public pedagogical institutions. The aim is to offer training to music teachers in order to broaden their knowledge and utilize music-making in the classroom. 

  • Entrepreneur: A.I.

Responsible consumption and production

This social entrepreneur envisions an enterprise where all sorts of materials can be recycled, upcycled, or refurbished, with a main focus on plastic items that are no longer of use and can be upcycled into accessories, clothes, home decorations, etc. The enterprise will not only sell sustainable products, but will conduct educational workshops as well.

  • Entrepreneur: B.S.

Quality Education

The idea of this social entrepreneur is the creation of an educational studio where socially disadvantaged kids can get help with learning new technologies. He will provide the chance to stay up to date with technological advancements and develop skills necessary for the labor market.