Social business ideas – Your source of inspiration (3)

Social business ideas – Your source of inspiration (3)

Published on: 2022/05/23


This is a collection of social business ideas that came up during the past few months, while working with new and wannabe social entrepreneurs from Romania, Cyprus and Italy.

It was a pleasure to offer guidance in developing/ improving such ideas and transform them into viable business plans during our training sessions in January and March 2022. And there is no doubt that these can become a valuable source of inspiration for those interested in social economy!

This is why we decided to make these ideas accessible to the public. However, in order to keep a certain level of confidentiality, the initials of the participants are mentioned only. And, since all along the way we insisted on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the United Nations, we indicate them as well.

Enjoy the variety of actions that one can take

to bring a positive change in the surrounding communities!

  • Entrepreneur: S.P.

Sustainable cities and communities; Responsible consumption and production

This will be a cultural center and a farmhouse in the heart of Crete where olive oil, culture, and agrotourism have high potential. The center will be located in the olive oil fields, where production is active, and will include a shop where customers can buy olive oil and other agricultural products, as well as a café-restaurant where they can relax and have a drink. Moreover, the center will organize various events, such as excursions, interactive activities, olive oil tastings and conferences. The entrepreneur pictures a place where tradition, culture, and innovation come together to offer customers and the local community a high-quality experience of healthy living. 

  • Entrepreneur: K.P.

Sustainable cities and communities; Responsible consumption and production 

The social entrepreneur envisions an open space for culture and agriculture workshops that will involve and have an impact on the local community, migrants and refugees living in rural areas. The workshops will contribute to the integration of the residents of the area and promote a sustainable, environmentally friendly way of living.

  • Entrepreneur: G.K.

Reduce Inequalities; Quality Education

The main idea is that of an integrated special education school in order to build an environment where any kid at any age can be admitted with any kind of diagnosis, and receive an education based on his/ her specific needs. The school will hold and organize various activities, such as cooking classes, arts & crafts, animal petting, etc. 

  • Entrepreneur: R.B. 

Good Health and well-being

The entrepreneur has an online business focused on education for women and their families, designed to improve the quality of life. The beneficiaries include mostly married women with children and socially disadvantaged families. The entrepreneur’s mission is to bring order and balance to people’s lives in the form of weekly meetings, one-on-one coaching, and group sessions. 

  • Entrepreneur: T.L. 

Decent work and economic growth 

The idea of the entrepreneur revolves around a community center: a safe and welcoming place that offers services to SMEs in the service, entertainment and cultural sector. The center will support and promote resilient communities where all members thrive and support each other. Various programs and services for the entertainment, recreation, cultural and leisure sectors will be available, both paid and free of charge. Based on local needs and resources assessment, the center will provide daycare services, workshops, trainings, youth activities, intergenerational interaction activities and many more.