The CASYE handbook

The CASYE handbook

Author: Eleonora Lamio, Diesis Network (Belgium)

Published on: 2022/06/06


The goal of the Erasmus+ CASYE (Cultural and Social Youth Entrepreneurship) project was to support youth entrepreneurship in the creative sector through the development and piloting of social economy models, with an emphasis on empowering young people with fewer opportunities (social obstacles, geographical obstacles and/ or economic obstacles). In creating the Mentoring Model, mentoring activities were mapped out and created based on existing experiences and good practices. The model is useful for both young people and the mentors who assist both individual entrepreneurs and social enterprises to develop their activity, include social innovation in the business model, and tackle social cohesion in local communities through cultural activities. This resource then supports the mentees to build their entrepreneurship.

The handbook acts as a single source of mentoring exercises that can be implemented during the mentoring programme. The handbook contains all the relevant worksheets and materials needed when developing a mentor/ mentee relationship, as well as other useful information for building a social entrepreneurial idea within the CCI sector. It will help young people and aspiring entrepreneurs to build both the knowledge and skills to start shaping your enterprise and lay the foundation for a successful mentoring experience.

The CASYE Handbook is available in two versions:

– the integral document with the full explanations and all the exercises;

– the document containing only the printable version of the exercises.

You can download the document using THIS link.